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How can GetUrecruited help you make a highlight video

We create high quality online HIGHLIGHT AND RECRUITING VIDEOS, within 10 days, from footage provided by parents and/or coaches from all across the country. Our online videos are then used by college recruiters to identify and evaluate talent.

It’s that simple.

Want to get started making a college recruiting highlight video or tape for yourself?  You’ll definitely need to log your plays somehow.  Here’s a keyplays sheet we made for you!

Why do I even NEED a highlight video anyway?

Every coach or recruiting director will want a short 4-6 minute video of highlights from your games delivered to them in order to decide whom to recruit. They can be sent via a link to a YouTube video, or sent via DVD.

We do all of that for you.

What role do you have in the process

Not much. Since inception in 2009, 95% of our highlight videos were made by using footage of amateurs and coaches. If you can see your child — WE can highlight them. So all you need to do is fill out a KeyPlay Sheet and follow our process…

Easy process

  1. Complete a keyplays sheet by watching the games;
  2. Deliver the footage to us in 1 of 2 ways:  As a link to a video or the video file itself (better quality)
  3. Complete the online bio, submit pictures and choose a package…

Flat payment amount

Most production companies will hit you for visual cue fees, song add ons, extra time, edit fees, final version commitments and more.

At GetUrecruited you only pay $449 for an Online Video (like YouTube) or $499 if you want a full online profile on GetUrecruited.com.

Your video is done inside of 2 weeks with 100% satisfaction or your money is refunded.  No nickel and dime stuff.

Easy delivery

You’ll be able to literally email the coach or recruiter a link to your Highlight Video within 2 weeks. No more shipping DVDs across the country.