How to make a highlight video for college


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Do you want to learn how to make a highlight video for college?  You're not alone.

Not only will we show you, but we provide affordable athletic highlight video production and recruiting video production for college coaches to evaluate you, while providing guidance during the recruiting process.

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    • We specialize in recruiting and highlight video production, photography, web profiles, promotion and general help obtaining financial aid and scholarships for college.  We help student-athletes, and their families promote themselves by formulating a plan.  Then we work the plan.
  • Our track record: With over 100 highlight videos for college completed since 2009 and dozens of success stories on this website alone, GetUrecruited has proven to be a invaluable resource for families.

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  • Simple Process:  GetUrecruited will help you learn how to develop a highlights video, ane we'll even produce a personal website for you. 
  • No Pressure:  Our team only works with motivated families, so we don't sell or pressure you to buy.  If you want us to help you Get Recruited, we're totally committed. 
  • Affordable: We make this process SO MUCH more affordable that it was just 10 years ago, when producing and distributing 100 Highlight TAPES was very expensive.  Our technology allows for FREE distribution of your profile page.

Make an investment in yourself.


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 At GetUrecruited©, our highlight videos are made in a matter of weeks with little effort on your part.

We 100% guarantee satisfaction on our highlight videos!

 We work directly with Videographers to capture games you need taped.

Just reach out to us for more information and rates.

Over the last 3 years has helped over 50 families achieve either better placement or financial aid through our help.

Coaches recruit players every day...what are you doing to put yourself in position to be successful?

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